Coral JIT40:
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The software solution that provides industrial laundries with a comprehensive and functional method of production management, deeply integrating with all systems and machinery to ensure complete real-time control of all processes.

Coral JIT40 is not just a software tool but a strategic partner that grows with your laundry.

What is

Coral JIT40?

Coral JIT40 is a software suite that can manage all the processes of a modern industrial laundry, combining just in time control and smart factory technology to ensure full integration with all systems and machinery. Its modular structure makes it adaptable to partial, step-by-step implementation, meeting each customer’s specific needs. Coral JIT40 is an excellent strategic tool for business growth, optimisation, and control.


Coral JIT40 efficiently organises the production process starting from the actual delivery plans. It manages initial work orders by taking into account variations in equipment, item waste and reintegration, set priority, or any other operation needed, thus maximising the production capacity of the plant.


Coral JIT40 tracks each item from its entry in the processing system to its delivery to the customer, providing a continuous and synchronised control of each phase. A specific module displays production statistics in real time, making it an essential and efficient support to decision-making processes.


Coral JIT40 is deeply integrated with plants and machinery: all processes are automatised and computerised, making JIT40 eco-friendly, since it promotes the elimination of paper-based documents. It is also affordable, because it can be accessed from any browser, thus reducing setup and installation costs.

The modules address all operating phases of an industrial laundry: management, accounting, performance control, laundry, logistics.

No installation needed. You can access it from any device, even mobile ones: all you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

You can decide if you want to introduce it to your laundry in its entirety, at once, or in different stages, at your convenience. 

It integrates with any existing software, creating a customised, interconnected, and functional information exchange environment.

Every operating stage is managed by a specific, dedicated interface, which makes Coral JIT40 direct and intuitive to use.

Fully interconnected with plants and machinery, it exchanges information in real time, granting users continuous data tracking and control.



a mobile app for drivers and a back-office interface for planning and control

These modules mainly concern the drivers who collect and deliver items from/to customers.
The mobile app can be used with any smartphone and/or tablet, and can be run offline if an active network connection is unavailable. Drivers may use it to:

  • check their assigned routes
  • register pickups and deliveries, specifying items and quantity; verify deliveries with signature confirmation
  • communicate in real time (or at a later time, in case of connection problems) with the head office to report on completed tasks impacting the production flow
  • record optional data (refuelling, number of kilometres covered, geo-location of deliveries).

At the same time, employees have access to a back-office interface, from which they can:

  • manage fleets, record costs, and plan vehicle maintenance
  • manage itineraries
  • view maps for both planned and completed activities
  • manage drivers and all transport-related documents.


Processing items according to real time priority

When an item is received from the customer, automated counting is activated, if the option is present. A dedicated interface displays the operational priority based on delivery requirements and washing category, enabling operators to:

  • highlight the total quantity of items by category, as well as the status of any linked itineraries
  • manage the pre-loading of the counting machines configured for the workstation (when interfaces to the plants are active).

Obviously, maximum operational advantage is achieved when all processes are fully automated; nevertheless, it remains possible to activate a manual counting interface, from which an operator can manually set the available quantity.


Configuration flexibility for better adaption to machinery

After being counted and sorted, items are ready for the next phase, which is ironing. This application has been designed to interact with the machine control system directly, gathering in a single station different types of information:

  • processing instructions for the operator
  • the command console for starting/ending batches
  • performance status and operational feedback

The ironing module can adapt in a really flexible way to different system configurations (multi-lane feeders, multi-stacker machines, etc.) and can be easily configured to work with independent lanes (each operator autonomously selects items for ironing) or master-slave lanes (one lane, identified as master, sets the ironing orders for all other lanes).
Additionally, the application allows users to launch different ironing orders concurrently on one or more lanes, indicating operational needs to operators based on set priorities.
Finally, an interface dedicated to maintenance enables remote monitoring of the system status.


From packaging to delivery

Coral JIT40 is deeply integrated with the packaging plant, controlling all its processes, assigning each item to its designated customer, and generating delivery notes.

Extremely customisable and with a dedicated interface for access to the print queue status, this module serves 3 main purposes:

  • to monitor production progress by consulting items and picking lists
  • to manually complete delivery notes by generating pick-up labels from the high rotation warehouse
  • to fill out shipping notes, validate routes, and prepare loading slots.

Itineraries / Drivers

Drivers in charge of collecting and delivering items from and to customers may use a dedicated mobile app in order to share with the head office real-time updates regarding all scheduled activities that affect the production flow. This data exchange may be delayed if an active connection is unavailable.

Each driver logged into the system can access the list of daily itineraries and check related stops (address, customer, activity, and schedule). At each stop, the driver records the type of activity carried out, indicating the number of carts and bags withdrawn and/or delivered; every delivery is then validated by the customer’s signature.

Itineraries / Drivers

Counting / Counting machines

This application supports operators in charge of sorting and feeding items to the counting machines.

The interface displays information related to the counting, which can be filtered according to different parameters. For instance, the operational status can be set as follows:
• in progress (counting is ongoing)
• to be counted (counting is pending/waiting to be started)
• counted (counting has been completed)

Each record displays all related data regarding customers, linked itineraries, and carts and bags containing linen to be counted. Special icons indicate detected anomalies, such as the presence of items not included in the contract (red triangle), or if the scheduled itinerary has not been completed by the driver.

Counting / Counting machines

Ironing / Flatwork ironing machines

This module was developed for tablets positioned at workstations where operators configure items that need to be processed on the ironing lines.

The interface displays information on all ongoing ironing orders:

• stackers: for each stacker machine, data is displayed relative to item, customer, and number of pieces counted and stacked
• performance: two graphs visually indicate the operator's performance level, both relative to the batch being processed and to the overall work shift status.
• feeding: the lower part of the screen summarises data on the ironing batch, such as starting time, duration, and number of items fed to the ironing machine.

Ironing / Flatwork ironing machines

Shipping / labelling

Items coming out of the stackers are ready for the next phase, that is, to be packaged and prepared for shipping.

This application takes care of sorting items into packages based on their assigned customer and itinerary, as well as printing the labels. The interface displays all planned itineraries, summarising all data related to the customer and listing the type of activity (i.e. collection and/or delivery) scheduled for that specific itinerary.

Additionally, each itinerary is assigned to a specific vehicle, identified by registration plate and name of the driver. A graphic indicator visually displays info in real time regarding the space availability of the vehicle, optimising loading operations and route planning.

Shipping / labelling

Back office

Coral JIT40 also includes a series of modules dedicated to employees working in the head office, to help them manage the CRM flow and the active and passive cycles, optimise warehouse logistics and transport planning, schedule maintenance interventions.

The specific modules for industrial accounting and management control extend the functionalities of the software, making it a 360-degree management and monitoring system, where accounting, economic and financial data as well as production data deriving from machinery converge.

These data can then be organised through customisable dashboards to obtain advanced analysis and reporting, such as: production indicators, income statement and balance sheet trends on monthly basis, cost and margin analysis of each textile product and much more.

Back office

What if... laundry does not feature automated counting?

Coral JIT40 is still an excellent choice for you! Item counting and sorting can be carried out in other ways:

  • ironing settings can be set to run in batches;
  • data can be obtained from other sources (e.g. directly from the customer);
  • items can be assigned to customers from the shipping interface, manually generating withdrawal labels from the high-rotation storage.

In all three instances, items are assigned to customers during the labelling phase by filling in delivery notes with the correct quantity, and priced according to the customer price list.

The system always guarantees a precise estimate of the customer's storage, which they can access at all times to find information about their items list and volume of equipment. laundry already uses RFID technology?

Coral JIT40 has been designed for seamless integration with any operating method already in use, exploiting this union for maximum results. This also applies to laundries that use tracking devices or chip-based item recognition methods. Coral JIT40 interfaces with RFID technology in several phases:

  • when sorting items, in order to replace manual counting in the pre- or post-labelling phase;
  • during packaging, to validate content (before or after printing the label);
  • to activate quality controls.

Coral JIT40:

From vision to

Coral JIT40 follows the principles of lean production and just in time control technology, two separate organisational concepts that were combined and successfully implemented in 2005 at industrial laundry Lavanderia Adriatica srl (Torviscosa, UD, Italy).

Damiano Ghini, owner of Adriatica, collaborated closely with software developers and system and machinery producers in order to merge these two theories, creating an advanced technological infrastructure: a software suite that enables laundries to grow, specialise, and operate competitively on the market. Thanks to his computer training and context analysis expertise, together with the experience he gained in the field and his own personal sensitivity, Ghini was able to predict the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In 2013, Ghini filed a just in time patent as applied to industrial laundries; a few years later he became majority shareholder at Cogito srl, a software house with a history of over 25 years in the sector. This was the turning point: Cogito completely reengineered the product and brought it to its current version, leading to the creation of Coral JIT40 (acronym of Just in Time 4.0), an application suite based on Coral architecture and open source ERP Odoo.

Distributed in its prototype version at the beginning of 2017, the software became fully operational in December of the same year. Today, Coral JIT40 has already garnered important references.


A strategic partner

for your growth

Thanks to its modular structure, Coral JIT40 can be implemented in any laundry, according to the user’s specific requirements and needs. The software modules address:

  • the management area (purchases, warehouse, sales, CRM)
  • accounting and performance control (monthly trends, budget, cost analysis)
  • laundry and production processes (contracts and customer price lists, warehouses and equipment, sales, delivery notes, invoicing, production statistics in real time)
  • logistics (fleets, drivers and itineraries, onboard tablets, delivery tracking, stops, notes and cash collected by drivers).

At its full operational ability, the suite can manage all processes of a modern industrial laundry. Moreover, its modules are also suitable for partial, step-by-step implementation, acting in compliance with the user’s needs and supporting business growth and optimisation.

Coral JIT40 is deeply integrated with all machines and systems, and promotes the elimination of paper-based documents, as well as considerably reducing installation and setup costs: the program can be accessed from any Internet browser, even mobile ones.

All these features frame Coral JIT40 as much more than a software tool: it is a strategic partner that grows with your laundry.


and references


For us, introducing Coral JIT40 has resulted in a progressive and steady improvement of our productivity. We have been monitoring our production performance indicators since March 2018 and we have registered an increase of over 15% in our overall hourly productivity (i.e. the amount of linen processed, expressed in kg per hour and relative to the number of operators employed), and the trend keeps growing. We have also observed an optimisation in item tracking during packaging.

Marco Pertan / COO Lavanderia Adriatica srl


Quando nel 2016 abbiamo deciso di rafforzare i nostri impianti, abbiamo ritenuto fondamentale investire anche sul piano informatico. Coral JIT40 ci è sembrato la soluzione ideale per una lavanderia come la nostra, allora di fatto priva di sistemi di supporto e automazione avanzata. Per noi è stata vincente la scelta di introdurre la suite per gradi: ci ha permesso di ridefinire i processi interni con i nostri tempi, consentendoci di iniziare a sfruttare da subito le potenzialità dei nuovi strumenti.

Luca Fogar/ COO Euro&Promos Laundry srl

Coral JIT40 is a Cogito product which is distributed by Cartesia Srl, a company that provides specific IT services and solutions for the industrial laundry sector.

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